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Authentic and Aesthetic Mosaic Tiles

With 100+ varieties of mosaic tiles in our range, we have something special to offer for anything you can imagine

Find the Perfect Mosaic Tile with GAUDEA’s Finest offerings

Gaudea is proud to be one of the largest Foshan Mosaic tile factories with an enormous range of quality mosaic tiles in its kitty. With our network of warehouses, distributors and resources, we are capable of handling a mosaic tile project of any size, complexity and nature. Owing to our experience and team of experts, we can guarantee an exemplary range of available products at all times, quick order fulfillments, and excellent customer service.

Mosaic tiles add magic to almost any space, be it kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, patios, pools, restaurants, spas and so on. Whether you wish to create sustainable and attractive commercial spaces with our glass mosaic tile or art mosaic tiles collection, or design head-turning living rooms with our decorative glass tiles or blue and white mosaic tiles; we have options for every style. Visualize soothing kitchen spaces, serene, uplifting outdoor areas with pools and patios of any genre; our mosaic tiles kitchen backsplash collection and ceramic pool tiles range does justice to any imagination. Take a look at our collection today and transform your artistic visualizations into reality with Gaudea - the best wholesale mosaic tiles supplier in China and worldwide.


Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

A great option for interior projects, ceramic mosaic tiles come in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures. They are easy to install and maintain, making them an excellent choice for multiple environments.
mother-of- pearl-mosaic-tiles

Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles

The mother of pearl mosaic tiles collection at Gaudea is synonymous with luxury and style. They offer a natural pearl luster, clearer complexion and subtle surface movement. Despite its delicate appearance, pearl mosaic tiles are durable and ideal for a variety of projects.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Adding instant beauty and class to any space; our glass mosaic designs are to kill for! Our decorative glass tiles enable users to create refined and subtle spaces as well as bold statement spaces with equal ease.

Art mosaic tiles

Each variety of our art mosaic tiles is composed with a vibrant combination of colors, patterns and designs making them ideal for any space where you wish to create an artistic image. They also work great in enhancing the beauty of existing walls and rooms by adding an artistic edge.

Marble mosaic tiles

Every piece of marble mosaic slab, whether it is pearl marble tile or ceramic marble, has a unique formation, veining and pattern; making them pieces of timeless beauty. Fireplaces, bathrooms, or kitchens; mosaic tiles marble offer something exquisite for every space.

Peel and Stick tiles

Gaudea’s peel and stick mosaic tile collection starts at a great price point, is easy to install and maintain, and therefore make for a great option for home projects or quick makeovers. Get a clean, contemporary look with our mosaics stick-on backsplash tiles today!

Metal mosaic tiles

Often recognized for their durability and integrity, metal mosaic tiles can be used to give shape to any look; from modern to vintage to rustic. Our modern and sleek metal mosaics have gained solid popularity among project builders over the years. Check out our latest collection today!

Pool mosaic tiles

Enhance the quality of your time spent outdoors with our mosaic pool tiles. Our ceramic and glass mosaic pool collection is not just ideal for not just pools, but also does an excellent job beautifying spas and other wellness areas. Take a look at the collection yourself and design your dream outdoors!

Buy in Bulk to avail Special Offers with GAUDEA!

In our ten years of experience in supplying wholesale mosaic tiles, we’ve worked with hundreds and thousands of contractors which has helped us understand the specific needs of bulk buyers. Over the years, we’ve customized our offerings to suit our global clientele of designers, architects, builders, wholesalers and retailers.

We continually upgrade to modern production processes that adhere to global benchmarks at our manufacturing units in the Foshan mosaic tile factory. Not just production techniques, we also keep our collection updated with designs and styles trending across the globe. This allows us to serve a versatile clientele, emerging from different ends of the globe, with equal ease. Take a look at our catalog to browse through our bestsellers. In case you have something specific and unique in mind, get in touch with us and we’ll create it for you!


Questions about buying mosaic tiles

Does Gaudea sell loose tiles by the bag, or in quantities lesser than one sheet? Yes, GAUDEA is in business with direct customers, retailers, wholesalers, project builders, and anyone else with an interest in mosaic tile collections. Therefore we are open to selling tiles in any quantities; small or large.
Does Gaudea ship to addresses outside China? Yes absolutely! We have a global customer base with a huge focus on the USA. The response from our US customers was so encouraging that we even set up a warehouse there to serve them better.
Can I order a sample board from Gaudea? We do not send out sample boards for a number of reasons. Firstly, our collection is extremely vast and it is feasible to fit them all on a sample board. Secondly, it is economically and technically challenging, as tile colors slightly vary by manufacturer batch. It is impossible for us to send you a sample board and fulfill your order with the same batch. Instead, we suggest you download our catalog to find the most updated collections and speak to us once you have something in mind.

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