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Why Your Construction or Renovation Project Needs Bulk Mosaic Tiles
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Why Your Construction or Renovation Project Needs Bulk Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are one of the oldest and most beautiful construction materials available today. From ancient churches to modern homes, they add a splash of color and personality to any structure. If you're a designer, architect or contractor, having bulk mosaic tiles on-hand is a surefire way to please clients, maximize your budget and keep projects moving.

At Gaudea Mosaics, we offer a huge variety of eye-catching mosaic tiles at wholesale prices. Let's explore why you should get a quote for bulk mosaic tiles today!

Mosaic Tiles Are Durable and Easy To Clean

As a designer or contractor, you don't just want clients to love the immediate results of your project — you want them to love it long-term. When applied properly, mosaic tiles are resistant to scratches, chips and mold.

Unlike wood and many types of masonry, mosaic tiles are often made of materials that aren't porous. This includes:

While that's great for contractors because they may be less likely to damage mosaic tiles during transport and construction, it also keeps clients happy with your work for a long time. Damage to materials after installation may not be your fault, but if it happens soon after a project's completion, clients may blame it on you for using shoddy materials.

Wholesalers Keep a Wide Variety of Mosaic Tiles In-stock

A mosaic tile wholesaler has multiple kinds of tiles in-stock and lots of each kind. If your project spans multiple locations, includes large commercial spaces or is centered on an intricate residential property, a wholesaler has tiles suited for offices, bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens and any kind of living or meeting area.

Along with the materials listed above, Gaudea Mosaics also has:

No matter your or your clients' needs, Gaudea Mosaics has something fit for the project. You won't need to source tiles from multiple companies. We're a one-stop mosaic tile shop focused on making our customers' projects that much smoother.

Wholesale Mosaic Tiles Are Less Expensive For More Reasons Than You Think

According to construction budgeting firm Homewyse, 100 square feet of mosaic tiles costs about $700 to over $900 to install. While this varies from market to market, working with a wholesale mosaic tile supplier can slash those costs. When you buy tiles in bulk, you and your supplier benefit from saving on transportation and production costs.

A worldwide study of construction projects found that the vast majority exceed their budget by at least 16%. The reasons are numerous, but increased material costs play a big part. When you have mosaic tiles on-hand, that's one cost you know for sure. Clients will be pleased with your budgeting accuracy.

Having Bulk Mosaic Tiles Helps Projects Start Quicker

A recent survey of about 500 construction project managers in the US and Canada found that 77% of their projects ran behind schedule. That's bad news for contractors and their clients.

While the reasons for construction delays vary, having bulk mosaic tiles puts you in full control of at least one factor. It's one less material you have to wait on and worry about being delivered late or damaged. In an industry that runs on client satisfaction, avoiding costly delays puts you a step above competitors.

Mosaic Tile Wholesalers Have Huge Production Capacities

If you're sourcing materials for a large project, delays might stem from waiting on suppliers to produce materials. Until they're done, your project is paused. If they have to make materials in multiple batches, your team may install what they have before the next batch is ready.

Mosaic tile wholesalers specialize in making large quantities without sacrificing quality. They're used to the workload of producing thousands of feet of mosaic tiles. At Gaudea, our monthly capacity is 15,000 square meters of mosaic tiles. That's almost 50,000 square feet.

Technology Makes Mosaic Tiles Entirely Customizable

Some construction or design firms may not benefit from having multiple styles of bulk mosaic tiles on-hand. Their clients require something more unique — something with artistic flair. They need a huge quantity of custom mosaic tiles quickly.

At Gaudea, we don't just produce the most popular styles of mosaic tiles. We bring vibrant designs to life.

Our custom mosaic tile process is streamlined to turn your vision into a patchwork of tiles that will leave clients in awe. Simply submit your idea then let us design and deliver it. Before production, we'll make sure you have a reasonable quote and sample tiles to examine.

Wholesalers Are Export Pros

Sourcing construction materials locally isn't always viable. Sometimes, your ideal wholesale partner is in another country entirely. Fortunately, reputable wholesalers are accustomed to navigating the pitfalls of exporting and streamlining the process to meet their clients' needs and deadlines.

At Gaudea Mosaics, we take it a step further. Though we're based in China, we ship orders to our American clients from our warehouse in the US. Within the continental US, shipping is free and often ships the day after an order is placed — no exporting or importing required.

Get a Quote on Bulk Mosaic Tiles

If you're wondering where to buy mosaic tiles in bulk, look no further than Gaudea Mosaics. As an international supplier of bulk mosaic tiles, we're efficient, artistic and experienced. Whether you have a large private or commercial project that needs the sophistication of mosaic tiles, we're here to help.

Contact us today to get a quote about your specific project. We fulfill each order with a scientific approach to manufacturing and an artful eye for detail.